Abil'I.T. is a very original ICT advice and services company.

Our goal is to provide neutral advices and services in all technological domains to businesses, with a very high and specific level of ethic.

This leads us to not avoid, whenever applicable and pertinent, the deployment, integration and maintenance of OpenSource/Free Software professional-class solutions as well as innovative original communication and telecommunication solutions.

We currently provide services in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, as well as world-wide consultancy, even if we remain a Luxembourg-centered company.

We have currently 8 collaborators, providing high-value advices and services in very various domains, such as web design, cluster deployment and management, telecommunication expertise (VoIP, mobile phone and Internet access integrations, international connectivity, ...), alternative telco providers selection, SMS gateway solutions, accounting and ERP software, groupware solutions, advanced e-mail services, anti-spam/anti-virus services, building planning consultancy, original WiFi solutions, video-monitoring, access control, databases, office servers, office workstations, hosted applications, remote backup services, high volume storage solutions, power management and redundancy solutions, advertising advices and assistance, printed material solutions, specific on-demand system design, development, deployment and maintenance, …

We already have successfully converted several business customers to our advised solutions: Free/OpenSource software and original telco solutions (VoIP, aDSL-based VPNs, ...), providing them huge recurrent TCO savings compared to old-fashioned solutions.

A more complete website will be soon available. In the meantime, please feel free to call us on

+352-20.333.222 (Luxembourg - E.U.) or
+1-(212) 202 3000 (New-York, U.S.A.).

Why Abil'I.T. ?

"Abil" stands for "high-level technical skills" as we believe our added-value is more in technological advice quality and services expertise than in commercial efforts. Our best advertisement is the satisfaction of our customers.

"I.T." stands for "Information Technology". The underline represent the support to each of our customers, leading to the final goal: the "take-off" (the arrow-T) of the customer, first at technological level, leading to business and financial successes.

The underline stops somewhere in the middle, as we wish to always keep our customers independent: we encourage them to remain autonomous in all circumstances, so they remain free to leave us at any point, or adopt our methods and technical solutions internally.

So, if you operate a business involving information or communication technologies and you believe ICT is a cost and trouble source, why not Abil it ?

Brent Frère's profile (director and co-founder of Abil'I.T.), on Linked-in.